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Fitness For Your Home Made Easy.
Colorado Home Fitness is genuine about its devotion to fitness and wellness.

It’s part of our culture and many of us have our own story how, when and why we got involved. We definitely know fitness is a commitment and we also think it’s a ton of fun because there are a bunch of ways to do it. Ultimately, we know it’s personal to each individual.

So we’re here to have that conversation and wherever you are, we’ll start there because we believe we have a solution for everyone whether you’re looking for a single piece of equipment or a whole gym.

We offer premier residential and commercial products and have been at this since 1991 and All About Fitness. Our strong track record tells the story of helping people achieve their fitness goals regardless of age and stage of life. We work with the top-rated fitness brands to ensure you get the very best products and we continue to immerse ourselves in the latest technologies and systems because we want you to have a comprehensive and informative experience.

The experience we provide in our store continues after you’ve made your purchase. Our service staff will deliver and install your equipment with the same professionalism and care. We know this is an investment of time, energy and money and we want your investment and experience to be a positive and lasting one.

Why Colorado Home Fitness?
  • Extensive selection from top brands.

  • Hands-on collaborative and thorough staff.

  • 20+ years in the industry and in Colorado.

  • Try before you buy atmosphere.

  • Stellar delivery and install team.

  • New and used equipment options.

  • Financing options.

Top of the Line Service & Support
Inspire exercise bikes

I feel we made the best, most informed decision!

Chip, I wanted to drop you a quick thank you for the service your team provided in our Precor elliptical purchase. Specifically I found Mike's sales approach informative, knowledgeable and non-aggressive. While we had a specific type of elliptical in mind, Mike educated us on the various Precor models. With this information, I feel we made the best, most informed decision. Further, we saved at least $1000, because the 5.25 suited our needs, and we didn't have to spring for the higher -priced model. In my previous experience in buying home exercise equipment, I have found the salespeople very aggressive. I asked Mike about discounts, and he matter-of-factly stated that you were running $150 off with "free" delivery. While I was looking for a greater discount, I appreciate the consistent approach. It was not a 'what can I do to sell this elliptical in the next 5 minutes.' So thanks again. I don't imagine we'll have any problems. But if we do, I feel confident Mike will easily resolve any issues. P.S. Of course the delivery was precisely on time, and set-up was very efficient!


Outstanding Job!!!

Dear Mike, I wanted to thank you for an outstanding job in helping me purchase and in the setup/install of my Precor treadmill. During the purchasing phase, you answered all my questions, let me do test-runs on a few treadmills, and even asked me very important questions. I also appreciated that you considered the fact that I occasionally suffer from vertigo and you kindly suggested the Precor with siderails, which I find invaluable. The delivery and setup went smoothly and the two of you again, answered my questions and were kind and humorous too. I would highly recommend Colorado Fitness to anyone looking to buy a treadmill. Thanks a million.


I cannot recommend Colorado Home Fitness highly enough!

From the minute I walked in the door to the time my new treadmill was delivered, I experienced an extraordinary level of customer service and support that sets these guys apart from others in the industry. In addition to offering only high-quality equipment at very competitive prices, I was greatly impressed with the overall knowledge and expertise of the staff to align my needs and fitness goals with the right product. If you're planning to buy exercise equipment of any kind, I would highly recommend making Colorado Home Fitness your first stop!